JoJo’s School Adventure

Will they survive the school year!?

A JJBA fanzine

Creation Period Begins August


    Everyone from the jojo universe is now in a school AU! Will Josuke be able to get an A in Kira’s art class? Oh no, Iggy is part of the disciplinary committee!? Jotaro has gone down the path of the delinquent! Will his kind and thoughtful peer Kakyoin, save him from a path of self destruction? The principal is Dio!!!? Will they survive the school year!?

    Tobi2moodring and Purrresa have teamed together to create a fanart zine of JJBA in an school setting! With an amazing team of guest artists and soon to be featured artists, this zine will be a hit for any jojo fan.

    What is a zine?
    Glad you asked! Zines can differ from person to person but for us it will be almost like an artbook. We have over 40 contributors that will each create a stunning piece of jojo art for the pages of the book. There will be four panel comics, full color illustrations, the perfect gift for any jojo lover! We offer physical zines or digital .pdf zines for those who want to enjoy the art but don't have the space for another book on the shelf~

    What theme is the zine?

    Our theme is school days! Basically all the characters from the jjba universe are in a fun slice of life school setting!

    What size will the zine be?

    We are looking to make a 6x9" zine with around 80-100 pages

    When can I preorder this?
    Our estimated time for preorders is September 28th. They will be open from then onto October 28th

    What if I miss the preorder date?
    We won't be able to guarantee that we will have leftover copies, so we really recommend not missing out if you'd like a copy.

    Will we get to see the artwork inside before we purchase?
    To keep our surprise element for the book, we will only have sneak peeks of some pages during the preorder period.

    Will anything else be for sale?
    Yes we shall have merchandise as well such as: Enamel pins, Acrylic Pins, Stickers, Sticker Sheets, Washi Tape, Heart Shaped Buttons and Body Pillows. There will be several bundle packages available. Closer to the preorder date we shall be releasing what items will be available fort purchase.

    Who is contributing art for this zine?
    You can find all of our amazing team under the "contributors" tab :D

    Where can I purchase this when preorders open?

    Current timeline:
    Discuss what each artist will draw: August 3-7th
    Ideas finalized: August 8th
    Project start date: August 9th

    Check in 1: August 21th (Concept Sketches)
    Check in 2: September 3rd (35%-50% done)
    Check in 3: September 12th (95% done)

    Art submissions due September 19th
    Finishing the zine composition: September 20-26th

    Official Previews of the Zine: September 27th

    Preorders begin: September 28th

    Preorders close: October 28th

    Merch and zine production October 30th
    Estimated arrival of goods

    Addresses verified
    Everything ships out

    Have a question? Feel free to email us at [email protected]